This document describes functionality available in Decisions on Demand v1.23 or higher (which you can install following the directions here). If you are running an older version please open a support ticket to schedule an upgrade.

New Business Policy

To create a new business policy select either the New Business Policy from the drop down or the New button from the List View

First select the desired object. The object can be either a standard object or a custom object. 

Some standard objects, like Lead, will have templates available.

Custom policies allow the selection of the following actions:

  • Assign Owner
  • Create Record
  • Update Record
  • Delete Record

Once you have selected the type of policy you wish to create select Next.

Update any policy details and then click Create Policy.

Now click Edit and update the business policy to meet the rules for your business. You can see the Getting Started tutorial for initial guidance, or our library of support articles for more in-depth information.

The template contains some sample values for records (such as Queues or Users) or picklist values that probably do not exist in your org. 

These are highlighted in orange. Invalid cells will not prevent the business policy overall from functioning, but will likely cause incorrect behavior at the level of individual rows. They should be corrected before deploying a policy to production.

Please open a support ticket if you need additional assistance.