[This functionality is available in version 1.23.15 or higher.]

Weighted assignments allow users within a group to receive a proportionally adjusted share of the assigned records.

For instance, weighted mode can be used  to assign a greater share of leads to high-performing reps, or conversely to start new team members out with a lower load as they ramp up.

The chances of a user being assigned a record are proportional to the normalized weight (i.e. the user weight / the highest weight of any eligible user) For example, if there are three people in a group and Person 1 has a weight of 1, Person 2 has a weight of 2, and Person 3 has a weight of 3 the Person 2 should get twice as many records assigned as Person 1 and Person 3 should get 3 times as many records assigned as Person 1.

Note that due to the variability of group membership and availability, the distribution is based on probabilities. The actual distribution may diverge slightly from the assigned weights for small numbers of leads, but over time it will match the distribution as configured.

Setting up Weighted assignments

To set up weighted assignments follow the steps shown below.

Assign weights to your users

  • Create a numeric field on the User object to hold your weights

    If you have different weights for different groups, create multiple fields. See below for details
  • Assign a numeric value of 0 or higher to every person receiving weighted assignments

Configure your business policy to support weighted assignments

  • Navigate to the policy detail page for your assignment business policy and then click Edit to update the policy.
  • Click the Gear icon at the top right of the table to open the configuration editor. 
  • Under Columns in use select the Assignment action node
  • Under Global Parameters add a parameter named AssignmentWeightField, with the API Name of the numeric field you created on the User object as the value
  • Click the Add action column link at the top of the Action Columns section and select the Assignment options column from the drop down that appears
  • Click Save. 

Enable Weighted mode for one or more assignment rules

Weighted assignments can be enabled with the Round Robin, Load Balanced or Random assignment modes.

To activate Weighted mode for a specific assignment rule:

  • Ensure Weighted mode has been configured as outlined in the previous section
  • In the relevant assignment rule(s), choose the Weighted Assignment Option
  • Save the Business Policy.

Testing Weighted mode

  • Open the Test Console. 
  • Select a List View and one or records to test
    See How do I test my rules? for instructions on how to use the Test Console
  • If a record was assigned using a Weighted assignment, you will notice the [Weighted] suffix at the end of the message. For example:

    Assign Lead Francis Perez to Octavia Smith (member of public group Sales) [Weighted]
  • If you assign a significant number of records, you should see the distribution conform to the selected weights

Using different weights for different groups

If you have multiple sets of weights for different groups you will need to:

  • Create multiple weight fields on the User object
    One for each assignment group, or category of groups
  • Add the AssignmentWeightField as a custom Action Column rather than a global Action Parameter
    This makes it possible to select a different weight field for each assignment rule.
    To add a custom Action Column
    • Select --custom-- at the bottom of the Add action column drop down
    • A column named custom_1 will be created
    • Select that column and change the Action Parameter to AssignmentWeightField and the label to any appropriate value, such as Weight Field

    • Click Save
    • Then specify the appropriate Weight Field from the User record for each group on the appropriate line of the Assignment Tab.

      For instance if you have different assignment weights for ProductA and ProductB your table might look like this: