By default, emails sent out when you have configured the EmailTemplate action parameter are sent using the email address and name of the user who invoked the policy. That could be the user who created the record for trigger based invocation, the user who clicked the Assign button, or the user who ran a scheduled invocation job.

You can customize this behavior in two ways:

  • Specifying a display name
    With this option, the email address used to send the notification is the same as the default, but the name show to the user is customized
  • Set up an Organization-Wide Email Address
    With this option you control both the email address and the display name.
    See this Salesforce help article for details on how to configure Organization-Wide Email Addresses.
    Make sure to include the profile of any users invoking the policy in the Allowed Profiles for the address, otherwise the email cannot be sent

Both options are configured by setting a global action parameter for the Assign Owner action. The parameters to use are:

  • EmailSenderDisplayName
    Specify the sender name you want to use as the parameter value:
  • EmailOrgWideEmailAddress 
    Specify the ID or display name (if unique) of the org-wide address:

See this article for general instructions on how to configure global action parameters.

Note that the two options cannot be combined. If both are specified, the Org-wide email address will take precedence.