[This article is specific to Decisions on Demand version 1.14. If you are using version 1.15 or later Lightning support is built in and no configuration is required]

You can switch to Lightning mode and keep using the product without any changes. 

However, you may notice that the layout of the Business Policy detail page is not optimal. Also, the list view buttons in the standard product use JavaScript, which is not supported in Lightning.

To address these issues we have created an unmanaged package with customized layouts and an alternate implementation for list view buttons. To use the package:

  • Install the package from this link (for production or dev orgs)
    For a sandbox, use this link
  • Modify layouts for all Lightning users

    • In Setup, open the Lightning App Builder

    • Edit the Business Policy Detail page

      • Click Activation

      • Click Assign as Org Default

      • Click Save, then Back

    • Still in Setup, open the Object Manager

      • Select Business Policy

      • Select Compact Layouts

      • Select Detail Page

      • Click Compact Layout Assignments

      • Click Edit Assignment

      • Select Detail Page as the Primary Compact Layout

      • Click Save

    • Still in Object Manager => Business Policy

      • Select Page Layouts

      • Click Page Layout Assignment

      • Click Edit Assignment

      • Select all profiles that may be viewing or editing business policies in Lightning

      • Select Policy Layout Lightning_VF

      • Click Save

  • Optionally, disable the Classic app
    The extension package includes a Lightning app for Decisions on Demand. Since the core product contains a Classic app which is visible in Lightning, you will see two Decisions on Demand apps. You can optionally disable the Classic app for some or all profiles
    • In Setup, select App Manager
    • Using the drop-down at the right of the Classic Decisions on Demand app, select Edit
    • Scroll down and uncheck the Visible checkbox for all relevant profiles
    • Click Save

If you use list view buttons to invoke a business policy, please see this article for steps to configure them in Lightning.