This article explains how to upload a new version of an Excel file with no structural changes: no new or removed columns, no change to column order, and no new tables. 

If your new Excel file does have structural modifications, you will first need to make corresponding changes to the table structure of the business policy to make sure the two formats are aligned. You can find various articles on configuration edits in this folder.

Note that for each step of the instructions below you can find further details by clicking on the link or icon at the top right of the page.

The steps to upload a new Excel are:

  1. Navigate to the Policy detail page
  2. Click the Edit button
  3. Optionally, click the Download the most recent Excel link at the top right of the screen
    This will download a copy of the existing Excel, which you can keep as a backup
  4. Click the Choose File button

  5. Select your new Excel file

  6. Click Upload

  7. If there are any errors in the Excel file, you will see details shown above the table
    You will need to correct any errors and try again

  8. If the upload succeeds, click Next to move to the Test Console
    Here you can (optionally) validate the new draft version of the rules against actual records, without making any actual changes to the records.

  9. If there are issues in the tests, click Previous to return to the editor page. Otherwise, click Next to proceed to the deployment step. 

  10. Add a version label and (optionally) notes, then save the new version as a draft, commit, or commit and activate