The following steps explain how to add an action column to a decision table.

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  • Navigate to the detail page for the policy you want to edit
  • Click Edit to open the policy editor wizard

  • Select the table to which you would like to add the column

  • Click the gear icon at top right of the table to edit the configuration

  • In the Columns in Use tree, select the action to which you want to add the column

  • In the Edit Section Properties pane on the right, click on Add action column and select the column you want to add
    The choices available depend on the action type. 
    • Choices for an Assign Owner action, choices are as follows:

    • For an Update Object action, you can choose any available field
  • Repeat if necessary. 
  • To reorder columns, use the up/down arrows in the Columns in Use tree
  • To remove action columns, select the action section in the Columns in Use tree and use the delete icon to remove a column  
  • When all required columns have been added, click Save
  • You should see the new column(s) appear in the table

  • Enter values into the column if desired

  • Click Next, and optionally run some tests 

  • Click Next, enter a label and notes for the new version, then save it as a draft, commit, or commit and activate