[The text below is valid for version 1.20 and up. For version 1.19 and below, see this article]

To copy a policy from one Salesforce org (the source org) to another (the target org), follow these two steps:

  1. Export the policy from the source org
  2. Import the policy into the target org

Each step is described in more detail below.

NOTE: if the policy structure has not changed (no columns or tables added or removed) but you have only modified the rules, you can also just download the policy as Excel in the source org, then upload it as a new version in the target org.

Export the policy from the source org

  1. Log in to the source org
  2. Navigate to the detail page for the policy you want to copy
  3. Select Export Policy
    If you don't see the Export Policy button, your Salesforce administrator will need to add it to the Page Layout
  4. Copy the Authorization code

Import the policy into the target org

  1. Log in to the target Salesforce org
  2. In the target org, navigate to the Business Policies tab of the Decisions on Demand app
  3. Select a list view other than Recently Viewed (custom buttons do not appear on the Recently Viewed list)
  4. Click in the Import Policy button

    If you do not see the Import Policy button, it may be under the inverted triangle on the right. If it is not there either, please ask your administrator to add the button to the List View search layout
  5. Paste the authorization code generated from the source org into Authorization Token text area
  6. You may change the name of the policy
  7. If a policy with the chosen name already exists, you will be presented with several options
    • Replace existing policy: delete the existing policy in the target org and replace it with the content from the source org
      Important: all existing versions in the target org will be permanently deleted -- it will not be possible to recover them
    • Add imported policy as new version: add the latest version of the imported policy as a new version to the existing version history in the target org
    • Rename policy during import: create a new policy with a different name
  8. Click Import Policy
  9. The new policy or policy version will be created
    NOTE: The imported policy is initially created as a draft version so that you can make necessary changes, for instance adjusting user or queue names which may differ between the orgs
  10. Commit and Activate the policy
    Once the policy is ready for use, click the Commit button, provide a version label, then choose Commit and Activate